Codensed Matter Theory and Statistical Physics Group

Welcome to the web page of Condensed Matter Theory and Statistical Physics Group. In this site, we introduce you our research topics and activities.

Research topic in our group is various phenomena observed in nonequilibrium systems, complex systems or disordered systems. We investigate these phenomena by use of theories based on statistical mechanics and computer simulations. During recent years, we work on unified theory of the glass transition mainly, and we also study a lot of other topics in the statistical physics. Furthermore, we investigate several fundamental problems in the statistical physics through theoretical studies on chemical phenomena.


Workshops / Seminars


Professor Odagaki is selected as an "Outstanding referee" for the journals of "The American Physical Society".

Mr. Fujie (PhD student) is selected as a "Best Poster Award" in "Tokyo Tech - Hitotsubashi Interdisciplinary Conference & APFA7".


Journal of Molecular Liquids: the special issue of 7th symposium on liquidsに以下の論文が受理されました。

Yuka Nakamura, Akira Yoshimori, and Ryo Akiyama
Effects of the Solvation Structure on Diffusion of a Large Particle in a Binary Mixture Studied by Perturbation Theory
A. Suematsu, A. Yoshimori, M. Saiki, J. Matsui, T. Odagaki
Control of solid-phase stability by interaction potential with two minima
Masao Inoue, Akira Yoshimori
Effects of interactions between particles on dynamics in microrheology

Journal of the Physical Society of Japanに以下の論文が出版されました。

Yuka Nakamura, Akira Yoshimori, and Ryo Akiyama
Perturbation Theory of Large-Particle Diffusion in a Binary Solvent Mixture JPSJ 83, 064601 (2014)
Kazuo Yamada and Akira Yoshimori
A Unified Proof of the Harada-Sasa equality for Underdamped and Overdamped Systems JPSJ 83, 053001 (2014)