Statistical Mechanics

This site provides an interactive virtual laboratory associated with "Statistical Mechanics"(in Japanese) by T. Odagaki which has been published from SHOKABO.



1 Thermal contact of two systems (Macroscopic view)
2 Thermal contact of two systems (Microscopic view)
3 Number of microscopic states for two systems with a thermal contact
4 Free expansion
5 Phase space (A particle in a one dimensional box)
6 Phase space(Many particles in a box)
7 Two level system (Microcanonical ensemble, canonical ensemble and negative temperature)
8 Harmonic oscillators (Classical)
9 Harmonic oscillators (Quantum)
10 Paramagnetism (Classical, Quantum)
11 Grand canonical ensemble
12 Negative thermal expansion (by Prof. Takehiro Ito) (High quality 5.4MB) (Low quality 242KB)(for Windows Media Player)
13 Bose distribution, Fermi distribution
14 Degree of freedom of a polyatomic molecule
15 Fermi sphere, Fermi distribution
16 Bose-Einstein condensation
17 Phase transition of Ising spin system
18 Renormalization transformation
A1 Legendre transformation
A2 Gibbs paradox
A3 Spherical harmonics

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